Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today I Was Thankful For Traffic


This morning on my way to work I hit traffic, but not ordinary traffic. This was a beast of another sort. 

     The highway I normally take was closed for about 2 miles. Then the road to go around was under construction. This lead to hundreds of cars flying through narrow, residential streets, doing their level best to get back on the highway in as little time as possible. Horns were blaring. Tires were screeching. This was chaos at its finest. Finally, after half an hour I was finally back on track. At last I was cruising at a comfortable 65 mph, enjoying the rest of my drive so much more than if I would have hit no traffic.

     I suspect in some small way that this is what Heaven will be like. We spend most of our lives struggling, fighting, and clawing away at peace and rest. But for those that place their faith in Christ, we will one day reach true peace. The struggles will end. The fight will be over. And the trials we go through today will only make that glorious rest so much sweeter. 

     So whether it be traffic, sickness, cancer, or death, we can rest assured that though the path to glory may not be straight or easy, we will get there. God will see to it.

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